• Security through Diversity
  • Cloud connectivity available from all major data centers
  • Customizable, scalable customer solutions
  • 10 Mbps - 100 Gbps of high performance, dedicated bandwidth
  • Direct path to U.S. and Canada from Ireland /N. Ireland
  • Diverse routing to Canada from U.S.
  • EtherReach/IP Transit: the right markets, the right bandwidth, the right price

The Next Generation of Hibernia

Hibernia Networks is a provider of global capacity services. Operating next generation submarine and terrestrial networks throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Hibernia designs its routes with diversity and security at the onset. With a global network backed by 100% availability, Hibernia ensures its customers receive the highest in reliability and peak performance 24x7.

Hibernia Networks - 100 Years

Hibernia Vision & Value Proposition

Our vision is to be the communications infrastructure provider of choice to high-growth verticals across international markets.

We achieve this by:

  • Creating value for our customers through our network expertise and understanding of their infrastructure requirements
  • Applying financial discipline thereby enabling sustainable growth

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